Role-play is allowed and is encouraged in this group to help build character in yourself.

Welcome to the United States Army 1890's WikiEdit

It's 33 years after the end of the American Civil War. Many men in this army are veterans who have seen combat in the Civil War, and have seen the horrors of it. These men are veterans, and are most likely generals now due to their service in a struggle in our nation's past. We no longer wear Grey, but the Blue. Now we are engaged in a war agaisn't Spain for the revenge of the USS Maine. The Spanish will pay for sinking one of our ships in an agressive manor.

DISCLAIMER: The USS Maine sank from a possible Coal Fire that set the ship to explode. America likes to blame stuff on other people because our Government workers, and congress men and women are terrible at their job.

Branches of the Army (Basic definitions for new recruits to remember.)Edit

Infantry - The Backbone, and the overall strength of the Army. (They advance to the command of their Superior Officers and never give up!)

Cavalry - The Eyes and Ears of the Army. (Without them, they Army is nothing.)

Artillery - The Hands and Feet of the Army. (They rain lead and shells upon our enemies. Without them, the Infantry CAN NOT advance.)

Sharpshooters - The Heart of the Army. (They give support to the Infantry and take out any potential threats.)

Soldiers of the ArmyEdit

U.S. Army Officers

U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officers

U.S. Army Enlisted


45 Star Flag (1896 - 1908)

FLGIMGS1000000674 -00 Union-Soldier-Wallpaper-1280x1024-Downloadable-Image 2

A moment of silence for our Civil War Veterans who have been killed in combat.

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